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How to make software without code ?

Programming language like C, C++, Java or scripts like PHP, JavaScript help us to make ineractive applications that can easily accomplish repetitive works or complex goals.

But can you build such applications without knowing any programming languages?

Each application is based on data .Data is stored in a database. The programming languages take the data as required and with the data it performs the job it was instructed to do.

So every application has a database and programming language to solve the problem. It also has interfaces that help a user to give the input of the problem and also to see the output of the same.

MS Excel can also do the same.

With MS Excel and a software called Spread Sheet Converter (earlier Excel Everywhere) anyone can develop a complete user friendly application.

Everyone using a computer need to know MS Excel which is a simple application that helps a user to perform various calculation and store data in a table like interface.

If you know Excel well then your next step will be to download the trial version of Spread Sheet Converter (SC). There are three types of SC.SC for HTML/JavaScript will convert an excel datasheet into completely interactive web application. If you use a WYSWYG Editor then you can import the application into your page and publish to internet.

SC for JAVA will convert an excel datasheet into a completely interactive software application or a JAVA Bean.

SC for ASP will convert an excel datasheet into completely interactive asp page.

Excel contain an extensive set of functions that can help to calculate nearly every possible calculations in the world It also allow conditional statements which are great for decision making. If you need your data to be stored in a data base then, as MS Access can work simultaneously with Excel, the data can be stored in the Access database.

To make a software application, say to find the largest number among 3 numbers create an excel sheet like this one. Now install the spreadsheet converter.

You can find a SC tab in the top most toolbar of excel.

Colour the input column and click on the SC tab and select the wizard. As you have already coloured the input column just identify that colour in the wizard and then go on clicking ‘Next’. When you finish the last step SC will make your fully interactive software. See the working application here.

But the only drawback to make software in this way is that Excel can not modify an image. If image manipulation is your goal then you have to use My Desk Professional. My Desk is a without code software maker which enables anyone to develop image manipulation and system maintenance software without code. Though some simple basic codes are required for better customization.

Another without code software you can find useful is Paseo Express which enable anyone without any knowledge of coding develop scripts like search engine, form verification etc.


Killer-returns said…
hi, is there any program i can download that will sort of like i do what i want my project to do and convert it into code automaticly?
Mrinmoy said…
sorry for being late to response

i was also thinking about such softwares.i found a software that do similar to what you want :

it has a nice logic and you program graphically.the only problem is that you has to read their manuals carefully otherwise it is not easy to use.
Unknown said…

you can build online applications without writing code by making use of CloudNine.0. Just create your model, upload it and the application is generated automatically. Check for a docnload of this tool.
Unknown said…
Programming is combination of intelligent and creative work. Programmers can do anything with code. The entire Programming tutorials that you mention here on this blog are awesome. Beginners Heap also provides latest tutorials of Programming from beginning to advance level.
Be with us to learn programming in new and creative way.
nice info!! can't wait to your next post!
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