Thursday, July 16, 2020

How to identify the best farm management software?

Before procuring a farm management software(FMS) to convert your conventional farms into smart farms, you must consider the following factors : 

1)Number of hydro-climatic and environment factors that can be measured and predicted
2)Procuring cost
3)Ease of use
4)Frequency of Customer support (FCS)
5)Number of features available at the time of procurement.

Now all the above five factors are not equally important. Some will be more significant compared to other and also their significance will vary depending on the preference of the decision maker or the user of the software.Here the ODM software can be used.

In the ODM software, write the above five factors as Criteria and name of the FMS as Options.Score the criteria as per  preference and for the options use the data about the selected criteria from the different FMS and rank in the descending order of importance.For example if the FCS of Agrivi is 10 per month and for Farm ERP it is 5 per month then Agrivi is more preferable compared to Farm ERP. 

So the FCS of Agrivi will have a rank 1 whereas the same for Farm ERP will be 2.After you have arranged the options based on the criteria in descending order of importance then inverse the magnitude of rank into a value which is directly proportional to the selection preference.This value on mulplication with 100 will give the score of preference of the option with respect to that criteria. But in case of criteria, which has an inverse effect on the goal of the decision making, options of this criteria will be arranged accordingly where the highest value option will have the lowest rank and the minimum value will have the first rank(example of such type of criteria is Procuring Cost).

Once both the score of Criteria and Options are entered in ODM it will show you the best option among the selected alternatives.

Here is the link to ODM 

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